houston, texas


by Aziza Glass

Welcome to the DR2DR Initiative.

This program was birthed due to a need I observed among colleagues. There are so many great candidates for veterinarians, dentists, physicians and more, but they fall short due to a major hurdle that is difficult for many to overcome.  That hurdle is access. Access to information, access to resources, access to a support system. All three of these are essential to the success of a student from the beginning to the end of their professional curriculum and beyond.  For first generation professional students, that hurdle is compounded once you’re in your desired program.  DR2DR aims to be a resource for many issues facing students of color and first generation professionals in their families and communities. From how to prep your school applications to how to take care of your mental health; from study tips to healthy eating; from networking with colleagues to connecting you with mentors, DR2DR is here to serve our community and help you reach your goals.

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